EST 1994




Gerald Whitehurst, President,  309-246-3870

Ron Scott, Vice President, 309-697-8315

Barb Brusseau, Treasurer, 309-274-5089

Randy Bendsten, Secretary 309-693-7132

Kent Flanigan, Maintenance 309-364-3860

The club was organized in 1994 as a compliment to the fixed base operation at the airport.

It is open to Private pilots or higher.  We have a group of certified instructors as part of the club.


The initiation fee is $600 non-refundable.  The monthly dues are $40 a month or if paid by the year $440.   We have two aircraft.  1969 Cessna 172M that is IFR certified.   The second airplane is a Piper Arrow 200 R.  It is certified IFR and has a Garmin 430, which is kept up to date.  The Cessna can be used for IFR training as well as the Arrow.  The Arrow can also be used to qualify for the Commercial rating and complex endorsement. At the present time the Cessna rents for $75 an hour-wet.  The Arrow is $110 an hour-wet.

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